Sunday, December 16, 2018

What we do at Southern Testing.

Electrical testing is a vital procedure.  Electrical testing is an essential task and can be difficult so it's necessary to let a professional do it.  The electrical test report is displayed in a test certificate which is a legal document. The certificate is similar to a fault log report but it also contains a count of occurrences of each fault.   

Electrical testing over temperature is the industry standard for testing a component’s functional and parametric requirements at the recommended manufacturer’s or specific industry extreme operating temperatures. Electrical testing is an essential task and can be time consuming and inconvenient as the power has to be turned off for some tests. We can generally work around your limitations to loosing power in the office,home,workplace.

Inspection provides the ideal opportunity for checking the general condition of the equipment and that all parts are in sound condition. Our skilled team provides a comprehensive testing and inspection service, ensuring that anything from a mobile home to a factory complex is running as safely and efficiently as possible.

A periodic inspection report will reveal if any circuits or electrical equipment are being overloaded, locate any potential electrical shock risks and fire hazards in an installation, identify any defective DIY electrical work, or highlight any lack of earthing or bonding.

Landlords electrical testing services

We carry out Electrical Periodic Inspection Reports and electrical condition reports for several local Estate Agencies; we will collect keys for access to properties for your convenience with the assurance that all our electricians and staff are uniformed and carry company identification.

All rented property electrical inspection and testing work is fully documented and provides a full and independent report detailing the condition of the electrical installation in your rented property.  All electrical inspection and testing work at rented properties on behalf of landlords is carried out by fully qualified and competent electricians.

P.A.T. testing 

For equipment with detachable leads, the condition of the plugs on both ends of the lead should be checked.  Care should be taken that lead and appliance remain together and are not switched around or separated.  Three-phase and permanently wired equipment should just be inspected without removing the plug cover or undoing the electrical connections.