Who we are at Southern testing.

Don't jump, we can help you through the mire of safety regulations.
All Southern Testing personnel hold 17th Edition City & Guilds and 2391 (Electrical testing and inspection) qualifications as a minimum, senior staff are M.I.E.E, M.I.E.T and A.P.E.A.We are independent, we do not do contracting, so we have no interest in finding imaginary faults , we do electrical testing if we find something simple that is wrong we will correct it as a matter of course at no charge. As it is a requirement that electrical systems installed in places of work comply with the The Electricity At Work Regulations 1989,More and more companies are putting in place people and policies that deal with the electrical testing and other Proactive  Maintenance  Programs to create a safe ,viable and profitable environment for their staff. We are available for consultation to implement your safety and testing routine within your company.