Sunday, December 16, 2018

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There are big changes coming in the 2011 amendment to the bs7671 17th edition concerning health care premises and earth free locations (IT supplies or floating neutral) because of our long association with the marine industry (floating neutrals) we are totally au-fait with IT systems.

Obviously there are times when even the lowest of currents passing through a body will have a detrimental effect on the patient as such new zones are being set up to determine the level of protection needed in each. This is a very specialised area of testing and Southern testing are available as testers or consultants.

Group 0

Medical location where no part applied to a patient and parts are intended to be used  where discontinuity of the supply cannot cause danger to life.

Group 1

Medical location where discontinuity of supply does not represent a threat to the safety of the patient and applied parts are intended to be used as follows: externally, invasive to any part of the body, except where 710.3.7 applies

Group 2

Medical locations where applied parts are intended to be used in applications such as intracardiac procedures, vital treatments and surgical operations where the failure of the supply can cause danger of death.

These zones and regulations are in the new amended BS 7671 and are in force now.